Writing Great Web Page Content

You will convert more leads and draw more search engine traffic if your website content is good. Check out this excerpt from a recent article I read in a weekly newsletter I subscribe to:


"There's an "old" saying in the SEO industry that "content is king." This is not necessarily true. In my experience, good content is king. Study after study has shown that when people use search engines, they are primarily seeking one thing: information. They are not seeking to be impressed by fancy flash sites. They are not looking for a virtual piece of art. A search engine optimization company that is truly practicing "organic SEO" recognizes this fact and will refuse SEO work when prospects insist that content addition is not an option."


Writing good content means writing about a particular topic for a particular audience while keeping in mind how search engines work. If your audience consists of a certain demographic they should become engrossed in your article as they read. At the same time, the certain key words should be used so a search engine algorithm will summarize that your page is a great reference for page visitors.

Any page written should have multiple paragraphs and should consist of as close to 400 words or more as possible. The keyword density, the number of times a keyword or phrase shows up in a page compared to other words and phrases, should be around 5%. That means that for every 100 words written there should be 5 instances of the keyword or phrase. And, search engines are smart enough to catch different ways of saying the same thing so be careful not to over do it.

Duplicate Content

Typically you don't want to duplicate web content from one site to another. Search engines can track that and they hate duplication because of the number of spammers out there. They recommend that if you duplicate content to have 70% of it be original or as close as possible.

This causes a problem for professionals who use a template site. If the content you have on your site is the same content 600 other people have on their sites you may not get good results. How does the engine know who wrote it first and who should be at the top? They will likely go with a site that has been entrenched in the internet the longest.

The point is: don't duplicate content if possible.


Great content will convert your readers and draw more to you. Write like an expert and write specifically about great, relevant topics.