Writing Great Web Page Content Titles

Search engines look for help in determining what a web page is about. As you write about a specific topic it is important to take the page title located in meta tags within the header of your html and apply it to the content area as well. Other sub titles should be used as well to identify sections of the content for search engines and readers alike.

Here's an example: notice in your browsers title bar (the very top left portion of the browser) the title of this page. It is " Writing Great Web Page Content Titles". Now notice the top part of the content area. It is the same. This tells Google that you are serious about what this page contains for content. Your content titles should be eveloped in H1 tags but not bold tags. An H1 tag is the accepted standard for naming a page.

After you place your title tag then begin on your content. If you find you have a sub-title that is appropriate for a set of paragraphs then use the H2 tags as secondary headers with great key words in them too. You may need H3, H4, H5 tags. Normally, however, you'll only use 2, maybe 3, levels.

It's very important to help search engines and readers understand what your article is about and what is important.