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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving visitor traffic (quantity and quality) to a website from search engines based on activities that modify content, meta data, inbound links, etc. Search engine traffic is organic or algorithmic in nature as opposed to paid search engine advertising.

There are two main concepts to search engine optimization: relevance and popularity. Pages must be relevant to an audience as determined by content, keywords, and outbound links. It must also be popular, evidenced by inbound links.

There are multiple standard programs we offer to optimize and promote a website. We may also design custom programs as needed. Each program is outlined below.


The goal of these two programs is to optimize your website and pages so search engines see them as authority sites over time and return them in favorable search engine result page (SERP) positions.

Keyword Analysis

Using search engine tools as well as proprietary processes and tools we determine sets of keywords and phrases based on their popularity, conversion rates, and competition that will best work for your pages and site in general.

On-Page Content Optimization

We review each existing page to ensure it is properly optimized. We review meta tags (Title, Description, Keywords) and page content against our keyword analysis. As needed our copy writing team will compose optimized content.

Popularity and Credibility

Achieving credibility requires other sites, blogs, social networks, etc. to “cite” your web pages. Search engines see inbound links as positive “votes” of credibility, especially if the referring site is credible itself. Some of the most popular websites require millions of inbound links to maintain their search engine status. Most sites will need hundreds or thousands of inbound links over time to achieve search engine dominance. The quality of the inbound links serves as a key factor as well.

Inbound Link Campaign

Our link campaign program is managed by SEO experts. They write weekly blog posts on your behalf and submit them to search engines, numerous blogs, social bookmarking websites and other internet tools. They also generate links on credible, established communities and websites. We maintain a blog network and, when applicable, we directly advertise your site. This consistent generation of inbound links builds your site’s credibility and generates both direct and indirect traffic.

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