SEO and Domain Name Importance

Choosing the right domain name (URL) is very important when considering your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. A domain name is the name of your web site. For example, "Yahoo" is the domain name in and "ebay" is the domain name for Search engines give a lot of weight to websites with the right keywords in them. In fact, some web sites have a hold on top search engine results spots simply because their domain name has the right keywords. In very competitive markets the domain name is one of many factors in the SEO game.

Choosing the Right URL

Selecting the right domain name and URL is key to a great SEO start. There is a bit of science involved. Answering some of these questions will get you started. Following up with a Vauntium SEO expert will help you be sure you have chosen a great URL.

  • Understand what it is you are trying to market/sell. Is the brand a product, service, company, or person?
  • Analyze what keywords someone might type into Google or Yahoo to find your service or product? Those are the words you want to try to include in your domain name. If the name is already taken. Find another similar name or add words just to make it unique yet still fit your goal.
  • Analyze which of those keywords and phrases converts the best using conversion tools.
  • Determine how your domain name will integrate into the rest of the site's SEO strategy.

At times, professionals are marketing themselves as a brand and choose their name as a domain. Until you become a well known brand in that market search engines don't care who you are so they may not credit you with much SEO value initially for the domain name. It can take time to gain that value in other SEO activities.

The key is to start off right in the beginning if possible. Find a good name and advertise it everywhere from day one. Over time your SEO efforts will pay off.